Master of Science in Biology - Specialisation Human Ecology (ICP)

Hoge Venen


The two-year programme 'Master of Biology - specialisation Human Ecology' addresses students with a background in Sciences. 'Human Ecology' is a research master organised by the Faculty of Science and Bio-engineering Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB, Free University of Brussels). The specialisation Human Ecology deals with human alteration of the environment. It provides students with strong fundamental and applied knowledge by bringing together expertise at the scientific, technological and policy level, for taking an integrated look at human-environment interactions, within a global and development context. Understanding of earth's ecosystems and their services, of specific governances and policy contexts provide graduates with tools to contribute and to play a key role in dealing with human ecological challenges in their home countries.

The opportunity to work with people from different professional, disciplinary and cultural backgrounds with a common concern for the human environment ensures that the programme has a truly unique international character.

Due to the increasing pressure on natural and human ecosystems, there is an ever-increasing need for highly educated and trained people to collaborate, from their multidisciplinary expertise, on the sustainable utilization and management of human-altered ecosystems. Human Ecology trains students in biological and ecological expertises on particular ecosystems, on various (bio-)monitoring and survey methods within specific governance and policy contexts.

The Master of Science in Biology - specialisation human ecology programme has the ICP (International Course Programme) label which means that the content of the courses focuses on a development oriented subject and that VLIR-UOS funds this master course for 2 years.

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